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Caballo Blanco 2015


This wine shows the untouched land where the vineyard is located. Elegant aromas, hints of red fruit - raspberry, blackberry - and liquorice. Marked aromas of earth, minerals, hints of sea breeze, iodine and salt. Splendid in the mouth, fine woods, balsamic, roasted. Structured, fleshy, ample and, of course, unique.

Download Technical Features (PDF)
Download Technical Features (PDF)

Additional information


Tempranillo, Shiraz, Garnacha and Monastrell.




Crianza red wine aged for 24 months in French oak barrels and more than a year in the bottle.


750 mL


1 Bottle, 6 Bottles


Vineyard located in Cuevas del Almanzora (Almeria) on a clay loam soil of reddish tones marked by fire by the mineral decomposition of its parent rock, in the same land where more than 3,000 years ago the first vines brought by the Phoenicians to the Iberian Peninsula took root. The terrain is situated at an altitude of 350 meters above the sea, where fresh breezes from the mountains on the shores of the Mediterranean predominate.

Production and aging

The bunches are harvested by hand in 10 kg boxes. They are destemmed by hand, grape by grape, and left by hand in the vats, without damage, without mechanical means, just by hand. Fermentation takes place in our underground cellar, in small, wide, temperature-controlled tanks, with hand punch-downs that allow the essence of the fruit to be extracted without pumps, just by hand. After a gentle fermentation, the wine rests in the best French oak barrels for 25 months to give shape to a unique, living wine, in which only life, the life of the yeasts, and the hands of man intervene in the process.


"Bigarreau cherry red with a violet rim. Intense, aromas of wild fruit (blackberries), Chinese ink, licorice, cocoa, fine leather, menthol, blue flowers, roasted coffee, aromatic herbs...Juicy, tannins from the barrel somewhat marked that must be polished, powerful, long and persistent fruity finish, mineral, smoky and spicy." (03/09/2018) 2019 Gourmet Wine Guide.